Frequency took to the stage in June 2012 for a work in progress of Rich Chilver’s new play ‘Shed’. The play was performed as part of the Pulse Fringe Festival at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich. 

The play is the stream of consciousness of fifteen year old Fiona, trying to understand her relationship with her divorced parents. We find her alone on stage, apart from a tape player, from which emanate the voices of her stoic father, and her estranged mother. 

Blending audio elements with physical performance, ‘Shed’ took the audience from a girl planning a party, to a girl planning an act of violence… 

Shed (Pulse work in progress) Credits:

Playwright: Rich Chilver

Director: Vicki Weitz

Assistant Director: David Norton

Fiona: Bethany Sharp

Voice of Mum: Barbara Peirson 

Voice of Dad: Matthew Vere