Home From Home: 50 Second Plays

The University of Essex turns 50 this year, and as part of the celebrations, Frequency Theatre teamed up with its alumni and current students, with the Lakeside Theatre, and with the Grand Theatre of Lemmings, to make…

50 plays, each 50 seconds long, to mark 50 years of Essex University!

Throughout the day on the 2nd May 2015, the Grand Theatre of Lemmings (the world’s smallest theatre) performed 50 of the smallest plays in the open air; meanwhile in the Lakeside Theatre’s auditorium, Frequency invited alumni, students and actors alike, to come and record some very short plays – even by Frequency’s standards! By the end of the day, we had not only made our target of 50 plays, we had exceeded it!

Here are all the recorded plays, written by either alumni of the university, or by current students. The brief they were given was ‘Home From Home’.


Winston Was 'Ere


From This Day, Forward!

Where's the Coffee?



February 29th




Read more at: 

University of Essex: www.essex.ac.uk

University of Essex Department of Literature, Film & Theatre Studies: www.essex.ac.uk/lifts

Lakeside Theatre: www.lakesidetheatre.org.uk

The Grand Theatre of Lemmings: www.lemmingstheatre.co.uk