Making Waves

Making Waves is a project made as part of the Essex Book Festival in 2014.

Aspiring writers from across Essex were invited to turn their hand to writing audio drama far a competition overseen by BBC radio drama producer and director, Jessica Dromgoole. The impetus given to the writers was that of “horizons”.

Five writers’ scripts were shortlisted, and with help from the Essex Book Festival and Jessica Dromgoole, these audio drama underwent a thorough redrafting process, ready for production by Frequency Theatre in February 2014.

After production and release, Jessica Dromgoole had the difficult task of choosing the winning play, which was ‘A Leap of Faith’ by Hollie Hughes.

The Essex Book Festival is an annual event, with exciting activities and insightful talks taking place all over Essex. For more information, please see their website:


You can hear all the shortlisted plays here:

‘A Leap of Faith’ by Hollie Hughes, directed by Thomas Edwards

‘Horizons’ by Anne V. Grikitis, directed by Tony Casement

‘In the Shadow of the Bulldozer’ by Deanna Walker, directed by Graham Watts

Selling Shoes in Southend’ by Clare Shaw, directed by Gari Jones

Triumph of the Will’ by Ryan Cowling, directed by Dan Sherer

Hollie Hughes is currently focusing on her writing for children, but plans to explore the world of dramatic writing further in the future. In 2015 Bloomsbury will be publishing her books: ‘The Famishing Vanishing Mahoosive Mammoth’ and ‘Princess Swashbuckle’ and in 2016 Hollie will have further work published with Scholastic. When not writing, Hollie runs creative writing groups for children in a local school, and has recently supported them to publish a whole school anthology. We wish Hollie all the best for her future writing projects.