Ballerina’s Feet & Play Poetry #BUZZWORDS Competition!



1) Listen to our new audio comedy Ballerina’s Feet


2) Count or guess the number of times they say certain buzz words (listed below)


3) Tell us your answer


4) If you’ve got the answer right, you may have a character in a new play names after you!


In August, we’ll be launching our Play Poetry project (more on this to be announced soon!). As part of the project, we’ll be interactively creating a play with Frequency Theatre in-house poets, as well as with the help of poets from across social media. The play will of course need a set of characters, and we’d like to name three of them after some of our most attentive listeners! 

Three competition winners will have their names used as characters in the interactive play created in August, and in order to enter the competition, you’ll need to listen to our latest play Ballerina’s Feet and count or guess the number of times certain buzz words are used in the play!

Each week from 5pm on Monday the 22nd May, until 9am on Monday the 12th June, a new buzz word will need to be spotted. You can Tweet us, Facebook us or use the Contact Form to let us know how many times you’ve heard the buzz words! Whoever has spotted the correct number of times a buzz word has been used will have a chance of winning; if there is more than one listener who has spotted the correct number of times a buzzword has been used will have their names pulled out of a hat. All listeners can enter the competition, whether you live inside or outside of the UK.

If you’ve heard Ballerina’s Feet by Holly Powis already, you’ll know that the characters have use a lot of buzz words as they try to motivate each other to sell their wares door-to-door. The buzz words to look out for, and the week to contact us with your replies are as follows:

22nd May – 29th May: POSITIVE

29th May – 5th June: ENERGY

5th June – 12th June: GREAT


We look forward to announcing the winners!


You can hear Ballerina’s Feet here, as well as on Apple Podcasts (formerly known as iTunes Podcasts) and on SoundCloud.



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