A Weekend In March


Katie, this is so bloody unfair. I can’t forget you. 

Josh insists he would rather not be reminded of his wife who is no longer there, but this only makes him feel worse. Luckily, his older sister Ella isn’t interested in what Josh wants to do, and has organised a seaside weekend for him with a very specific purpose…   


A Weekend In March was written by Lekha Desai Morrison and directed by Adam Hemming

The cast featured Phillipe Bosher as Josh, Miztli Rose as Ella, Damian Cooper as Dave and Jennie Eggleton as Amelia. It also featured the voices of Phoebe Hemming and Otis Hemming.

A Weekend In March was commissioned by the Space and inspired by the paintings of Rosemary Burn

The music used was Axletree’s Ailsa’s Lullaby, Breezy May, Cotswold Snow, The Curious Roe and I Leaned My Back Against An Oak. Other music included Robert Schuman’s Scenes from Childhood, provided by MusOpen.

This audio play was created as part of the Amalgam exhibition, produced by Adam Hemming and Bethany Sharp for the Space and Frequency Theatre.