Ricardo Mussi

For Frequency Theatre: ACTOR ~ DIRECTOR

Ballerina’s Feet

Written by Holly Powis

Kacey wants a Porsche. Sophie wants to own a flat. Emma… isn’t entirely sure what she wants.


Written by Judy Upton

Milk is milk, right? And beef is beef… except when its horse, of course.

Under the Willow Tree

Written by Armelle Lajus

Kept apart for thirty five years, William returns to Mary a different man.

Contains Nudity

Written by Rex McGregor

Bringing the concept of having an ‘active’ old age to a new level!

Dog Man’s Folly

Written by David Riaz Zaman.

“As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.”


Written by Rich Chilver or Tamsin Steele

A play which is not entirely sure of its author.

Read No Evil

Written by Caro Dixey

How many more bad news stories can there be?

Ice Cream

Written by Richard Fitchett

Forget the space race, Stalin is seriously concerned about the state of ice cream in the Soviet Union.

Paradise Found

Written by Alicja Shaw

Gather round gather round. Who's ready for something for nothing? What's your heart's desire?


Written by Rich Chilver

This Christmas Pantomime gets an audio theatre twist!