Jo Palmer-Tweed

For Frequency Theatre: ACTOR

Jo currently lives in Essex where she works as an actor, teacher and trainer. Having trained in clasical dance Jo then went on to read Drama at Cambridge University and was subsequently apprenticed as an actor at The Mercury Theatre, Colchester.

Jo’s more recent theatre work includes: Morag in When I Was A Girl I Used To Scream And Shout (ADC Theatre), Chorus in The Fence in it’s Thousandth Year for The Wrestling School, Mam in All Day On The Sands, The Mercury Studio Theatre, Judith in Judith at the Mercury Theatre, Angel of Death in Souterrain and Detector in The Enchanted Palace for Wildworks.

Television and film credits include: Tales Of The Unexpected (Anglia T.V), Honey For Tea (BBC), The Chief (BBC), Jimmy’s Farm (BBC), Lilly in Back to The Fuchsia (Toby Roberts), Alison in The condition of being busy (Cannonball Films), Karen in Tomorrow we will meet (Metropolitain Film School) and Mrs Cocrombe in Audley End (English Heritage).

By The End Of The Day

Written by Paul Stoyle

Step into Penny's glasshouse of exotic and surprising plants.

Triumph of the Will

Written by Ryan Cowling.

Can art and the artist's politics be separated?

Onion Gods

Written by Simon Goodway

Stranded on a desert island, two pirates discover a civilization with some alternative ideas...

Paradise Found

Written by Alicja Shaw

Gather round gather round. Who's ready for something for nothing? What's your heart's desire?


Written by Matt Meritt and Judy Upton

Jack, aged seven, LOVES dinosaurs. Unfortunately, not all of his teachers do...


Written by Rosalyn Cayle and researched by David Norton

A pair of separate tiny plays, telling stories in the shortest time.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Written by Cally Hayes

A woman tries to navigate her way through the 'Big Society'.


Written by Nicola Werenowska

The teenage daughter of a Polish immigrant struggles with the expectations that go with a "better life".