Vicki Weitz

For Frequency Theatre: ACTOR ~ DIRECTOR

Vicki has been working as a live artist since 2005. As part of Live Art Collective East (LACE), Vicki was a runner-up for The Olympic Artist Taking the Lead project. Encouraged by the Arts Council, LACE applied for and received funding to create eight live art projects in the region in the build up to the Olympics. Vicki was part of the research and development team for both bids and is now working on one of the eight projects: Three Step Endeavour, which celebrates the simple joy of temporarily leaving the ground beneath your feet.

As a solo artist, Vicki has created and performed live art pieces at a variety of places in the region, including Colchester, Cambridge, Luton, Ipswich and Chelmsford.

Vicki works as an actor with Father Hen Theatre Company, based in Colchester. Father Hen aims to approach text with a non-rational way, keeping the interpretation open, fluid and playful.

Vicki also works as a freelance practitioner at The Mercury Theatre in Colchester, running drama workshops for a variety of groups, ranging from toddlers and parents to the Over 50 group.

Vicki is also a Clown Doctor with Suffolk Artlink, working in local hospitals to help children deal with fear, anxiety and boredom.

Finnegan’s Wake

Written by John Brindley

Finnegan is dead. The wife, the former wife, and the business partner have all assembled to pay their last ‘respects’.


Written by Judy Upton

Milk is milk, right? And beef is beef… except when its horse, of course.

Contains Nudity

Written by Rex McGregor

Bringing the concept of having an ‘active’ old age to a new level!

Identity Crisis

Written by Christopher Kell

Pamela finds a lost handbag, and wishes she owned the life which went with it...

The Man Who Tended Dahlias

Written by Graham Watts

Based on true stories from the conflict in Singapore during the Second World War.

The Party

Written by David Kantounas

This topical play draws inspiration from the developments in Cyprus over the weekend of 23rd-24th of March 2013.


Written by Rosalyn Cayle and researched by David Norton

A pair of separate tiny plays, telling stories in the shortest time.

Calling the Tune

Written by Phoebe Lambert

A divorcee and a widow meet and tentatively spend more time together.

Two Thirds

Written by Nicholas Barton-Wines, Gari Jones & Rich Chilver

A fractured relationship; we hear three different accounts.

What Ma Taught Me

Written by Luke Hayes

Is it Pauline or Ma who is making the dinner? Is it Pauline or Ma who has walked through the door?