Simon Kirk

For Frequency Theatre: ACTOR ~ DIRECTOR

Simon has recently moved to Colchester from Yorkshire. He is an actor, writer and director and has worked extensively in rural touring theatre and promenade theatre as well as having regular forays into film and television. Simon has his own theatre company, “Time will Tell”,which specialises in using drama and storytelling to explore historical events.

Theatre includes ; Cornish/Sharkey,”The Lighthouse on Shivering Sands”, Egil, “Egil Keeps his Head”, Oscar Cresswell,”The Rocking Horse Winner”, Rupert of Henzau,” The Prisoner of Zenda”, Dr. Walford Bodie, “The Electrical Wizard of the North”, Daniel Dravot, “The Man who would be King”, Blackstone, “The 39 Steps”and Venutius “Cartimandua” for North Country Theatre: Claudius, “Hamlet” for Demi Paradise: Boxer,”Animal Farm” and Subtle “The Alchemist” for Foolsgold:Bottom/Lysander for Heartbreak: He has also appeared at the Library Theatre in “Pygmalion” and worked with Wildworks.

Film includes; Dudley “Mary Tudor”,Braun, “Steel Tempest”, Troy, “Kingdom”,Sergeant Kirk, “Chasing the Deer”, Ian,” Self-Help for Your Nerves” and Captain Bill Satryn, “On the Shoulders of Giants”.

TV includes; Pete Law, “Emmerdale, Derek Hannaford, “Blue Blood” and numerous appearances in historical drama documentaries that normally end with him getting his head chopped off!

As a writer/director “Breaking the Chains”, “Deeds not Words”, “After the Eagles”,” Yes! Minister?”,”Gold” and ”All for a Shilling a Day” for English Heritage.

Simon also works regularly as a historical interpreter at heritage sites across the U.K.

By The End Of The Day

Written by Paul Stoyle

Step into Penny's glasshouse of exotic and surprising plants.

Triumph of the Will

Written by Ryan Cowling.

Can art and the artist's politics be separated?

Batter Nihilid

Written by Thomas Edwards

Two friends verbally play-fighting, dancing close to the line of what is acceptable.

Onion Gods

Written by Simon Goodway

Stranded on a desert island, two pirates discover a civilization with some alternative ideas...

The Man Who Tended Dahlias

Written by Graham Watts

Based on true stories from the conflict in Singapore during the Second World War.

The Party

Written by David Kantounas

This topical play draws inspiration from the developments in Cyprus over the weekend of 23rd-24th of March 2013.

Paradise Found

Written by Alicja Shaw

Gather round gather round. Who's ready for something for nothing? What's your heart's desire?


Written by Matt Meritt and Judy Upton

Jack, aged seven, LOVES dinosaurs. Unfortunately, not all of his teachers do...