New Releases for Spring 2017


By The End Of The Day

Step into Penny’s glasshouse of exotic and surprising plants.
Charz’s is on community service in for a crime she says wasn’t her. After weighing her up, Penny decides that Charz might be worth redeeming. However, Penny has her own dark secrets… not only in her past, but in her glasshouse…
New drama with a twist of horror.

Written by Paul Stoyle

Directed by Simon Kirk

Performed by Sarah Callum & Jo Palmer-Tweed

Released: 22nd Jan 2017




When a little girl goes missing, the police and public pick an outsider as their main suspect. After all, there’s always a scapegoat in fashion.
Dealing with themes of gender identity, sexuality and mental illness, this is cut-throat, powerful drama by the writer of ‘The End’ and ‘The Man Who Tended Dahlias’, Graham Watts.

Directed by Graham Watts

Performed by Charlotte Emms, Emily Dixon, Scott Obson, Nat Songer, David Tarkenter & Jonathan Turner

Release: 2nd April 2017



Finnegan’s Wake

Finnegan is dead. The wife, the former wife, and the business partner have all assembled to pay their last ‘respects’.
A dark comedy inspired by James Joyce.

Written by John Brindley

Directed by Vicki Bailey

Performed by Wendy Bailey, Thomas Edwards, Tim Freeman & Sian Notley

Release: 9th April 2017



Ballerina’s Feet

Gary’s blatantly brilliant! He really knows what he’ s doing, you know? I had this meeting with him and he was just really inspirational, you know? He was telling me about the youngest millionaire in the company, and he was all like ‘There is nothing stopping you getting there too, Kacey’.
Kacey wants a Porsche. Sophie wants to own a flat. Emma… isn’t entirely sure what she wants. Although she definitely doesn’t want to be running round South Kensington trying to sell things people don’t want. With no other job options, and a looming student loan, it might be her only chance. As Kasey says, with positive thinking, nothing could go wrong… apparently. 
A brand new (blatantly funny) comedy. 

Written by Holly Powis

Directed by Bethany Sharp

Performed by Hester Arden, Khaleila Hisham, Richard Hornsby, Ricardo Mussi, Miztli Rose Neville & Holly Powis

Release: 30th April 2017

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