Judy Upton

For Frequency Theatre: PLAYWRIGHT

Judy has won playwriting awards including: The George Devine Award for ASHES AND SAND and The Verity Bargate Award for BRUISES. Her stage plays include: ASHES AND SAND, Royal Court (1994); BRUISES, Royal Court/Soho Theatre (1995); CONFIDENCE, Birmingham Rep (1998); SLIDING WITH SUZANNE , Royal Court/Out Of Joint (2001); TEAM SPIRIT, National Theatre (2002) and THE GIRLZ, Richmond Orange Tree (2007), NOCTROPIA, Hampstead Theatre (2009) and LAZARUS, one of the Durham Mystery Plays in 2010. She has also had six original plays broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Open Road Films and Matador Pictures produced Judy’s screenplay of ASHES AND SAND in 2002. Her short film EXPOSED was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. Single drama ALL IN THE MIND was screened on BBC1 and the series MY IMPRISONED HEART on Propeller TV.

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Slogan Man

Written by Judy Upton

Romance-seeking Rachel sells t-shirts online, and has fallen for one of her customers… the snag being that all she knows about him is his name, address and his fondness for t-shirts with slogans.


Written by Judy Upton

Milk is milk, right? And beef is beef… except when its horse, of course.

True Grit

Written by Judy Upton

Head of the Highways Department, Jonas, is excellent at cutting costs… and that's the most important thing these days isn't it?

Simone the Cyborg

Written by Judy Upton

Will cybernetic enhancements lead Simone to happiness?


Written by Matt Meritt and Judy Upton

Jack, aged seven, LOVES dinosaurs. Unfortunately, not all of his teachers do...


Written by Judy Upton

Owls can be very useful creatures...

82 to North Finchley

Written by Judy Upton

Sophie, the voice of the London buses and Joe's wife, has disappeared; can her bus announcements provide any clues?