Slogan Man

Written by Judy Upton as part of The Love Concept

“I suppose I could just drive over there and get a glimpse of Slogan Man as he opens his front door. Does that sound stalkerish? Yep, it does, it totally does. It would be a crazy thing to do…”
Romance-seeking Rachel sells t-shirts online, and has fallen for one of her customers… the snag being that all she knows about him is his name, address and his fondness for t-shirts with slogans. With help from the postal service however, Rachel might be able to realise her romantic ambitions…

Directed by Tony Casement

Performed by Hester Arden

Produced by Bethany Sharp









Music used includes: Hold On by The Mornings; Prelude by Thrupence; Xtal by Aphex Twin; Stay by Henry Krindle; As We Fall Silent by Apstract; Broke for Free by The Gold Lining


With grateful thanks to Frequency Theatre’s corporate and individual patrons for supporting The Love Concept.