Sian Notley

For Frequency Theatre: ACTOR ~ DIRECTOR

Finnegan’s Wake

Written by John Brindley

Finnegan is dead. The wife, the former wife, and the business partner have all assembled to pay their last ‘respects’.

Someone Special

Written by James Potter

Nikki knows she is special. She's always known it.

In the Shadow of the Bulldozer

Written by Deanna Walker

Essex, 1975: the sound of bulldozers tearing down neighbours’ homes.


Written by Steven Lancefield.

When life goes wrong, it's easy to think we must be cursed.


Written by Christopher Kell.

Every artist needs a Muse, but could you recognise a goddess amongst mortals?

The Last Word

Written by James Potter

It’s the End of the World. It’s official. Only a few hours to go, apparently.

Evil Amy’s Second Chance

Written by Mary S. Parisoe

Over lunch, a student and lecturer re-assess each others' characters.

Just like Pain

Written and Directed by Rich Chilver.

The sounds of her car accident stay with Lara in her everyday life.

A Place of Importance

Written by Rich Chilver

Burt tries to convince his wife that this really is a place of importance, and a place in which she should stay.

The Landlady

Written by Sophia Sheridan

he walls are creaking, the roof is leaking, but the landlady is in denial that there is anything wrong with her property.