Khaleila Hisham

For Frequency Theatre: ACTOR

Khaleila has is originally from Malaysia and currently lives in London.

Khaleila recently filmed a Series Regular role in Singapore TV series Perfect Girl. Her other television credits in Malaysia and Singapore include Kayla in Suria, Miss Yuni in Balik Sekolah and the recurring role of Billie in Kitchen Musical.

Khaleila’s film credits include the lead role of Farah in independent feature film So Far Removed, and Maggie in Ion Met.

Khaleila was also recently awarded Best Actress at LA Web Fest, as well as being nominated for Best Actress at Vancouver Web Fest.

Ballerina’s Feet

Written by Holly Powis

Kacey wants a Porsche. Sophie wants to own a flat. Emma… isn’t entirely sure what she wants.