When a little girl goes missing, the police and public pick an outsider as their main suspect. After all, there’s always a scapegoat in fashion.
Dealing with themes of gender identity, sexuality and mental illness, this is cut-throat, powerful drama from a regular Frequency Theatre playwright.

This play contains graphic and explicit language.


Written and directed by Graham Watts

Cast: Charlotte Emms (Jaz); Emily Dixon (Carly); Scott Obson (Darren); Nat Songer (DCI Goddard); David Tarkenter (Fiona/Malcolm); Jonathan Turner (Police Officer)

Depravity was produced by Bethany Sharp




Music used: Close To No More; Stark; That Girl Is Mine & Goldness Variation by Erothug & Drone by J. Schumacher

With grateful thanks to Frequency Theatre’s corporate and individual patrons for their support.