The Love Concept

Written by Thomas Edwards, James Potter, Jane Upton and Judy Upton

Comprising of four very different, yet colliding stories, The Love Concept is a piece of audio theatre which crosses the divides of various interpretations of love.

Much longer than a normal Frequency play, this piece was made to be listened to over time, at your leisure, or perhaps in the background of your everyday life, to dip in and our of. Most of all, this piece is is a different way to experience the four separate plays which have been made for the The Love Concept. You’ll also hear some of our actors give their take on what the concept of love means to them!

Directed by Tony Casement

Performed by Ignatius Anthony, Hester Arden, Isabelle Casement, Tony Casement, Liz Crowther, Emily Dixon and Thomas Richardson

Produced by Bethany Sharp  










With grateful thanks to Frequency Theatre’s corporate and individual patrons for supporting The Love Concept.