Frequency gains funding and works in partnership with other arts organisations on a regular basis, however as a non-profit organisation, we do rely on donations for a large part of our work, especially:

Frequency New Voices

Frequency Theatre is an organisation dedicated to providing a platform for brand new pieces of dramatic writing to be performed.

If you are someone who is interested in the arts, or someone who has been touched by the themes of our plays, sponsorship is just one way to make a huge difference to emerging playwrights.

More and more theatre literary offices have been closing in recent years, meaning that there are very few places for playwrights to send their unsolicited scripts to.

What an emerging playwright needs more than anything else is an audience to hear their work. When Frequency produces a script, we produce a piece of drama that can be accessed by an audience of thousands, and can give life to a playwright’s words.

This is a rare opportunity; free from the restraints of being commissioned, or writing to a brief, a playwright can send their script into Frequency with a real possibility of their piece receiving production and feedback. In many cases we also give guidance on redrafting their script ready for production.

The scripts chosen by Frequency New Voices will be worked on by professional creatives dedicated to launching new audio plays into the public arena. The Frequency creatives for this initiative are committed and passionate about new writing, and therefore are prepared to give up their time for limited remuneration to speedily get regular exciting pieces of new art to the public.

A basic production can be covered by £210, a larger production up to £410.
Any sponsor of Frequency Theatre will have their name listed on our list of Patrons, and alongside the play which they have sponsored. There is also an opportunity for Corporate sponsors to have their logo and a link to their company website displayed.
All donations, large and small can make a play happen, and a new play’s arrival can change both the theatrical landscape, and effect its listeners in more ways than we can conceive.
To donate, please get in contact using