Written by Scott Obson

Directed by Emily Dixon (current University of Essex student)

Performed by (in no particular order) Chloe Harbour (Grand Theatre of Lemmings), Rebecca Buckle (Grand Theatre of Lemmings), Caitlin Cieri (current University of Essex student), Abigail Bing (current University of Essex student) , Ciaran Forde (current University of Essex student), Barbara Peirson (Artistic Director of the Lakeside Theatre), Callum McGowan (Grand Theatre of Lemmings and East 15 Graduate, 2013), Lois Taylor-Randall (Circus Practitioner, Grand Theatre of Lemmings), Julie Simpson (Grand Theatre of Lemmings) and Richard Hornsby (current University of Essex student)


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Music credits: Op.10 “Sigma Variations” by Percival Pembroke; “Dream 5” by Tonality Star