Sophia Sheridan

For Frequency Theatre: PLAYWRIGHT

Sophia is a native of Devon but spends much of her time in London. She works primarily as a playwright and music & arts journalist but is now branching into writing fiction. Her short story, Beware The Meek was showcased at Toynbee Studios, London in March 2013. She has been commissioned by SoundArt Radio to write and direct a series of short radio dramas which are due to be aired throughout the Summer and Autumn of 2013. Sophia is an avid writer and is always keen to work on new projects, if you would like to collaborate with her then she would be very happy to hear from you.

For more information on Sophia follow her at her website:

The Landlady

Written by Sophia Sheridan

he walls are creaking, the roof is leaking, but the landlady is in denial that there is anything wrong with her property.