Scott Sophos

For Frequency Theatre: ACTOR ~ DIRECTOR

Scott Sophos is a US native who washed up on the shores of Essex four years ago. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Drama from the University of Georgia, and has worked professionally in the USA in Atlanta, Orlando, and Washington DC with such companies as the Orlando Shakespeare Festival, the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and Universal Studios Florida, as well as appearing in number of local and national adverts and industrial films. He does AmDram here in the UK, but will consider all opportunities to practice his craft.

Simone the Cyborg

Written by Judy Upton

Will cybernetic enhancements lead Simone to happiness?

Read No Evil

Written by Caro Dixey

How many more bad news stories can there be?


Written by Rich Chilver

This Christmas Pantomime gets an audio theatre twist!


Written by Rosalyn Cayle and researched by David Norton

A pair of separate tiny plays, telling stories in the shortest time.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Written by Cally Hayes

A woman tries to navigate her way through the 'Big Society'.

One Small Step

Written by Tim Leech-Williams

1969: Humanity has put man on the Moon, but back on Earth, all Davey would like is for his mum to get well again.