Bethany Sharp


Bethany co-founded Frequency Theatre in 2012 after creating the concept, inspired by a love of audio theatre and an ambition to make theatre which would be accessible to many. She chiefly produces and directs for Frequency Theatre, as well as facilitating audio drama workshops for a variety of participants.

When not working on Frequency Theatre, she works as a project producer and arts administrator.

Bethany is a playwright, and was shortlisted as a finalist for Out of Joint’s 2017 WiT Award.

As a playwright, she took part in Emberfly Theatre’s 24 Hour Challenge, by writing the fifteen minute play IF I COULD GO BACKWARDS IN TIME which was performed at the Churchill Theatre, directed by Ruth Rundle. In July 2017 Bethany worked with climate change scientists at Imperial College London and a group of actors, to write the play POWER, examining the effect of human activity on the environment.

You can also find Bethany performing character stand-up and comedy improvisation in various London venues.

Bethany holds a BA in Philosophy and Theology from the University of London.




The Phone Call

Written by Raaj Rana

An innocent phone call on the way home becomes a record of something much worse in Frequency Theatre's first horror play.

The Landlady

Written by Sophia Sheridan

he walls are creaking, the roof is leaking, but the landlady is in denial that there is anything wrong with her property.

Identity Crisis

Written by Christopher Kell

Pamela finds a lost handbag, and wishes she owned the life which went with it...

Onion Gods

Written by Simon Goodway

Stranded on a desert island, two pirates discover a civilization with some alternative ideas...


Written by Rich Chilver or Tamsin Steele

A play which is not entirely sure of its author.

After Heineken

Written by Bethany Sharp

Simon likes to talk. That. Is. All.

Simone the Cyborg

Written by Judy Upton

Will cybernetic enhancements lead Simone to happiness?

The Man Who Tended Dahlias

Written by Graham Watts

Based on true stories from the conflict in Singapore during the Second World War.

The War That You Missed

Written by Rich Chilver

Rivalry breeds war among two brothers.

The Party

Written by David Kantounas

This topical play draws inspiration from the developments in Cyprus over the weekend of 23rd-24th of March 2013.