Bethany Sharp


Bethany co-founded Frequency Theatre in 2012 after creating the concept, inspired by a love of audio theatre and an ambition to make theatre which would be accessible to many. She chiefly produces and directs for Frequency Theatre, as well as facilitating audio drama workshops for a variety of participants.

When not working on Frequency Theatre, she works as a project producer and arts administrator.

Bethany is a playwright, and was shortlisted as a finalist for Out of Joint’s 2017 WiT Award.

As a playwright, she took part in Emberfly Theatre’s 24 Hour Challenge, by writing the fifteen minute play IF I COULD GO BACKWARDS IN TIME which was performed at the Churchill Theatre, directed by Ruth Rundle. In July 2017 Bethany worked with climate change scientists at Imperial College London and a group of actors, to write the play POWER, examining the effect of human activity on the environment.

You can also find Bethany performing character stand-up and comedy improvisation in various London venues.

Bethany holds a BA in Philosophy and Theology from the University of London.




I Got You Babe

Written by Catherine Scott

New mother Fiona arranges a coffee morning, but biscuits, best china and smiles are not enough to hide her underlying worry.

Ice Cream

Written by Richard Fitchett

Forget the space race, Stalin is seriously concerned about the state of ice cream in the Soviet Union.

Torturing Robots

Written by Rich Chilver

Wanting to hear human words of comfort; all that can be heard is the voice of a robot.

Paradise Found

Written by Alicja Shaw

Gather round gather round. Who's ready for something for nothing? What's your heart's desire?


Written by David Kantounas

How far would you go to protect your home and your family?


Written by Matt Meritt and Judy Upton

Jack, aged seven, LOVES dinosaurs. Unfortunately, not all of his teachers do...

If the Sky Falls, We’ll all Catch Larks or The Postmodern Prometheus

Written by Nick Wood

As the sky falls, the voices of Mary Shelly and Joseph Turner are heard contemplating disasters and creativity.


Written by Rich Chilver

This Christmas Pantomime gets an audio theatre twist!

80 Miles

Written by Elizabeth Kuti

Jessica has 10 minutes of her GP's time and 80 miles of story to tell.


Written by Rosalyn Cayle and researched by David Norton

A pair of separate tiny plays, telling stories in the shortest time.