Bethany Sharp


Bethany co-founded Frequency Theatre in 2012 after creating the concept, inspired by a love of audio theatre and an ambition to make theatre which would be accessible to many. She chiefly produces and directs for Frequency Theatre, as well as facilitating audio drama workshops for a variety of participants.

When not working on Frequency Theatre, she works as a project producer and arts administrator.

Bethany is a playwright, and was shortlisted as a finalist for Out of Joint’s 2017 WiT Award.

As a playwright, she took part in Emberfly Theatre’s 24 Hour Challenge, by writing the fifteen minute play IF I COULD GO BACKWARDS IN TIME which was performed at the Churchill Theatre, directed by Ruth Rundle. In July 2017 Bethany worked with climate change scientists at Imperial College London and a group of actors, to write the play POWER, examining the effect of human activity on the environment.

You can also find Bethany performing character stand-up and comedy improvisation in various London venues.

Bethany holds a BA in Philosophy and Theology from the University of London.




Slogan Man

Written by Judy Upton

Romance-seeking Rachel sells t-shirts online, and has fallen for one of her customers… the snag being that all she knows about him is his name, address and his fondness for t-shirts with slogans.

The Broken Ones

Written by Julian Brown.

Two homeless men from very different backgrounds have a conversation whilst begging on the streets of London.

The Project After

Written by Robert Crighton

Art, Islam and a cardboard box. What could possibly go wrong?


Written by Anne V. Grikitis

If you look into the distance, you can often miss what is right in front of you.

In the Shadow of the Bulldozer

Written by Deanna Walker

Essex, 1975: the sound of bulldozers tearing down neighbours’ homes.

A Leap of Faith

Written by Hollie Hughes

"No, really - I'm going to fly. Right now. Today."


Written by Christopher Kell.

Every artist needs a Muse, but could you recognise a goddess amongst mortals?

Batter Nihilid

Written by Thomas Edwards

Two friends verbally play-fighting, dancing close to the line of what is acceptable.

The Dilemma

Written by Kate Southwell

“That's my duty; to do my job to the best that I can. Shut out all morality.”

The Last Word

Written by James Potter

It’s the End of the World. It’s official. Only a few hours to go, apparently.