Alternate Bass Strum

Written by Larry Greenstein

Tune into Heavenly Host Radio where the recently departed – or rather, newly arrived – recount and re-visit their life choices over the airwaves.

Directed by Bethany Sharp
Performed by David Tarkenter (Adam Best) and Scott Sophos (Lenny Blikstein)

Guitarist and composer was Marie Cynthia Beesoon. Other music was: Camile Saint-Saens’ Danse Macabre, performed by Kevin MacLeod, and Maurice Ravel’s The Fountain, performed by Allison Lovejoy, Ravel’s Mirrors, performed by Robert Even Birchall, Ravel’s Ma Mere L’Oye, performed by Luis Sarro.

With grateful thanks to Frequency Theatre’s corporate and individual patrons for their support.