Myrtle and the Comic Relief Literary Convention

Written by Mark Wilson

Welcome to the study of distinguished writer, Noel Coward. In the midst of writing ‘Brief Encounter’, Coward has a surprise visit from one of his more minor characters, Myrtle Baggot. Myrtle has come to let her author know, that the ridiculed working class would like to be taken a bit more seriously!

Directed by Rich Chilver

Performed by Rich Chilver (Radio Announcer), Thomas Edwards (Noel Coward), Ann-Marie Oliff (Myrtle), Victoria Charles (Laura) and Paul George (Alec)

Produced by Bethany Sharp

The music used was Bach’s Air on the G String performed by The US Air Force Band and Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto, third movement, performed by The Skidmore College.