Adapted for audio by David Norton

Residents of Southend were asked “Where is your sanctuary?” and “Where do you feel safe?” The surprising answers they gave share optimism, humour and poignancy. In this verbatim play members of the Colchester community perform the words of their Southend neighbours.

Directed by David Norton and Vicki Weitz

Performed by: (in order of speaking) Dot Schwartz, Thomas Edwards , Paul George, Ian Amos, Matthew Bradbury, Ann-Marie Oliff, Ricardo Mussi, Barbara Pierson, Nicholas Barton-Wines, Rich Chilver & Tamsin Steele

Produced by Bethany Sharp

Researched by the Community Theatre students of East 15 Drama School. Interviewers: David Norton, Kieron Hawkins, Catherine Major, Sophie Rose, Claire Martin, Tash Marshall, Bonnie James, Dan Evans, Beth Taylor, Sarah Earey, Kit Muir, Zeff Sheriff, Mikey Garner, Chris Mercer, Holly Roberts, Jon Chapman, Lauren Barton, Hanna Angliss, Maria Ferguson, Lauren Prentice, Thomas Aslett, Amy Pryke and Sophia Wrightman