The Man Who Tended Dahlias

Written by Graham Watts

1971: as Sam tends to his prized dahlias in his quiet garden, he relives the past.
Based on true stories from the conflict in Singapore during the Second World War.
Rehearsed, recorded and edited all in a day at Lakeside Theatre as part of Operation Broadcast!

Directed by Graham Watts

Performed by Natalie Songer (Daughter), Vicki Weitz (Mother), Tim Freeman (Captain), Danny Solomon (Young Sam), Simon Kirk (Older Sam), Chris Magee (Heenan), Gabby Wong (Rose) and Richard Hornsby (Soldier)

Sound effects assistance, generated by Operation Broadcasts SFX workshop, run by David Norton. The participants were: Christopher Connelly, Peter Coxell, Hristina Kamburova and Ramon Sahib

Music featured: Me and the Man in the Moon by the Ambassadors

Produced by Rich Chilver and Bethany Sharp