What Ma Taught Me

Written by Luke Hayes

Is it Pauline or Ma who’s making dinner, is it Pauline or Ma who this young girl will be able to help? A play about responsibility and warmth.

Directed by Nicholas Barton-Wines

Performed by Tilly Hawkins (Young Girl) and Vicki Weitz (Pauline)

Produced by Bethany Sharp

Message from the Writer

The audio play, ‘What Ma Taught Me’ came from thinking about how much we actually know about our parents – yes we know them because they raised us, but I certainly don’t know them as well as I know some of my friends. I couldn’t tell people everything about my mum as I could with most of my friends. I don’t know her favourite colour or her favourite food, I don’t know her favourite place to be or her favourite thing to do. Obviously there’s a huge amount of love between our parents and us, and that love isn’t a love I share with my friends – but it’s still odd to not really know them.

To further this I thought about how strange it must be to have a relationship with a mother who perhaps isn’t all there. That kind of odd alienation must then be magnified a hundred times in such a case.