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Upcoming Plays & Projects

Frequency Theatre produces audio drama, and is committed to delivering each and every piece to you for free. All our plays are new writing, and with most no more than around 20 minutes in length, they are perfect for a short, theatrical escape from your normal day.

Audio theatre has been part of the dramatic landscape since the invention of the radio, and it has experienced an ever growing revival through the availability of digital media.

A wide variety of plays can be downloaded or played directly on our website, or you can subscribe to our podcast feed via iTunes and have your plays delivered to you upon release.

Frequency plays can be listened to anywhere, anytime, and for absolutely free. We hope that each play you hear will immerse you in new worlds, stories and people.


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Frequency is always looking for new scripts from playwrights of all levels of development . Please see our current script submission policy for full details.

  • Finnegan's Wake by John Brindley, directed by Vicki Weitz, coming soon.
  • Alternate Bass Strum by Larry Greenstein, directed by Bethany Sharp, coming soon.

Recent Plays

Alternate Bass Strum

Written by Larry Greenstein

Tune into Heavenly Host Radio!

Someone Special

Written by James Potter

Nikki knows she is special. She’s always known it.

The Love Concept

Written by Thomas Edwards, James Potter, Jane Upton and Judy Upton

Hello John, It’s Edith

Written by Jane Upton

The care home have asked Edith to record her voice, as they say it might help her husband’s fading memory.

A Drunken Man Rambles Angrily About His Failed Relationship

Written by Thomas Edwards

Guy is drunk, John has left, and Guy hates Katherine Heigl.